Apr 15, 2016


Assalamualaikum. Woah it has been 2 years since my last update eh?

How's my life throughout these years?

My bestfriend confessed at me that he liked me.
Shocked but I was like ha ha ha?
Finished my foundation in TESL, UiTM Lendu. 
He never gave up on me.
Worked temporarily at Foto Flash, Ampang Point.
Nope. He still not gave up on me. 
His efforts made me speechless.
Well apparently after few months, after seeing how bad he wanted me, I fell for him. 
I'm slowly forgetting my ex crush
I have a boyfriend now, despite how heartbroken I was. 
Well, I'm happy with him. 
Terima kasih kerana terima kegemukkan saya walaupum awak lagi kurus dari saya.
Pursuing my degree in September 2015
Didnt pursue my degree in TESL because I'm not interested to be a teacher.
I'm currently studying in UiTM Shah Alam, MASSCOM majoring in advertising. 
Getting fat-er day by day.
Finished my first semester with pointer- alhamdulillah
During semester break I sell tudungs, and jaga my mom yang sakit.
Started my second semester with mixed feelings.
I find myself attached to my classmates even more.
So lucky to have them as my classmates.
Im looking forward to get a better pointer this semester

Jumpa lagi in my next update!
Well, 2 tahun lagi kot?

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